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Blacksheep Campervan Rental

Blacksheep van rental offers a different way of holiday, free from all constraints and original affordable “the road trip for all!” How ? Blacksheep campervan rental offers the rental of the adapted vehicle and activities throughout France:a van fitted out, wich we call a “campervan”. Almost all the ingredients for you to realize a dream, a trip, different and unforgettable holidays there are plenty more than you. Do not hesitate, experience an unavoidable because of traveling many miles is like reading many books. Draw the road with a campervan Blacksheep (motorhome)! You have all cards, now imagine your own custom road trip…

After having scoured much of Europe and the world at the wheel of many vehicles that rent a van turned out to be obvious. Born from the passion for a vacation-type road trip, it was after one of the supplier's many trips abroad that the supplier has brought the concept of campervan hiring (van fitted like a little motorhome) from Australia.

After studying together at Grenoble, the suppler's roads have professional recroisées few years later when the supplier was Pro Account Manager for the ski resorts of Les Arcs and La Plagne (Paradiski). The supplier's professional meetings in the tourism industry and the supplier's many trips that the supplier has become aware that there was a request received no offers and a real passion for the holiday road trip type.

Athletes and competitors in the soul, the team has consistently launched company challenges for 8 years: mountaineering, snowboarding raid in Patagonia, hiking and mountain biking in the Alps, surfing from Portugal to Morocco …

Based in Lyon, “The road-trip company” is at the heart of France, offering quick access to the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Alps, Ardeche and even Paris! Lyon also benefits from the International Airport Lyon, connected with the city center by tram-train in less than 30 minutes.

Blacksheep Campervan Rental Rental Terms for travel between 19-Nov-2019 and 21-Nov-2019

Blacksheep Campervan Rental Insurance

1. All risks insurance
The supplier's vehicles are insured against all risks for the account of whom it.
A copy of the General Conditions and Special Conditions of the insurance contract will be awarded to the first request, furnished rental Campervan / Motorhome and minibuses.
The warranty applies in accordance with said terms and conditions, including the following risks:
- Liability without limitation of amount;
- Theft, attempted theft, vandalism and fire with an excess of 2000 euros
- Natural disasters
- All accidents to vehicle franchise with 2000 euros
- Additional protection of the driver and passengers.
CAUTION the insurance does not cover damage caused to “upper parts” of the vehicle, in consequence, any damage to these “upper parts” will remain the responsibility of the tenant.
The vehicle is insured for the duration of the lease specified in the CPL.

After this period, unless the extension of the term of the lease is in accordance with the provisions contained in section Requirements accepted in writing by the supplier, the Tenant shall be solely responsible for any damage and / or suffered by the vehicle.

2. Franchise and damage waiver
The deductible is the amount that, in all cases the implementation of insurance remains the responsibility of the tenant.
It is not to be confused with the amount or amounts that the supplier reserves the right to require the tenant in the event of damage not covered by insurance.
A “damage waiver” can be purchased at the time of booking or on departure day. This option lowers the financial responsibility of the tenant with respect to the insurance deductible of 2000 (two thousand euros) to 450 (four-hundred and fifty) euros.

3. Support
Lessee receives assistance 24h24 – 7/7 which covers assistance to passengers and vehicle in case of breakdown, accident, theft, puncture, fire, failure or error of fuel loss or broken keys and serious bodily injury.
It covers:
- The cost of towing to the garage Vehicle Dealer nearest
- Transport (continuation or return home passenger): 1st class train or economy class air travel, taxi a distance of 100 km;
- Support costs + hotel breakfast for 80 euros per night (one night in France and 3 nights maximum abroad);
- And, where appropriate, the costs of repatriation of the vehicle and the persons transported to the starting point of the lease.
This assistance is valid in all the countries mentioned in Article Requirements, in which the vehicle is allowed to flow. All costs of assistance that could be generated after an incident taking the responsibility of the Tenant (or driver of the vehicle) will be entirely responsible.

4. Obligations disaster
Under penalty of being deprived of insurance, Tenant shall:
- Declare immediately the supplier and police authorities any accident, theft or fire, even partial;
- Send the statement directly to the insurer whose coordinates are provided in the manual of the vehicle within 72 hours after the accident and send a copy to the supplier at the address listed top of these.
- Mention in his statement the circumstances, date, place and time of the accident, the names and addresses of witnesses, the number of the third car involved, name of insurance company and policy number of insurance;
- Attach this statement to report any police, gendarmerie or bailiff, if one has been established;
- Do not discuss any responsibility or treat or deal with third parties to the accident;
- Transmit the supplier reviews, letters, summonses, subpoenas, court actions and all the pleadings which he was the recipient.
In case of theft, attempted theft and vandalism, the Tenant shall make a declaration to the local police authorities or police within 48 hours and will complain. Lessee shall provide to Lessor the original complaint and keep a copy. It will in the shortest possible time to recover the supplier all documents and vehicle keys. The failure to return the keys to the vehicle automatically result in forfeiture of the Theft and billing of the entire value of the vehicle, expert fees and costs. In case of non compliance with these obligations, the Tenant is fully responsible for the rental Campervan / Motorhome and minibuses equipped reserving the right to bring proceedings against him.
Thesupplier reserves the right to appeal or not his insurance to cover a loss.

5. Exclusions
The radio, broken glass (windows, windshields and mirrors), damage inside the vehicle, damage due to frost, and objects or personal belongings are in any way not covered by insurance, as well as damage to the “upper parts”. All costs incurred for such repairs will be borne by the Tenant.

6. Forfeiture warranty
The Tenant will immediately lose the benefit of any assurances or guarantees in the following cases:
- Non-compliance with the provisions contained herein and in particular, the provisions contained in Cancellation by the Tenant and Date and place of delivery of the vehicle;
- Fraud Tenant: Tenant of misrepresentation, attempted fraud, serious violation of traffic or any other intentional tort committed within the framework of a voluntary, attempted suicide, or any illegal purposes.
- In all cases of warranty exclusion as set out at “TERMS AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY VEHICLE RENTAL”

7. Liability of the Tenant
The Tenant shall be responsible for any damage and costs incurred by the Lessor for any loss, damage or theft including vehicle, equipment or accessories could be for the duration of the rental, and would not covered by the insurance and the terms of which are summarized in section Insurance of these conditions and the CGL and “AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE COMPANY TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF RENTAL VEHICLES”.
Responsible for accidents in which the vehicle is seriously damaged or immobilized for more than five (5) days of the supplier reserves the right to terminate the lease without compensation or refund the remaining days of rent.
In case of damage to the vehicle resulting in immobilization garage, basement the supplier charge downtime during the day depending on the rental rate in effect at the time of completion of the work.
Application fee will also be charged at 100 euros per damage (package).
In case of theft of vehicle or damage caused to it by the fault of the Tenant, or in the absence of identified third party, Lessee shall indemnify the Lessor up to the actual harm (estimated by repair estimate, market value of the vehicle, capital costs, fees, etc.). therefore that the insurance would not be intended to be implemented.
At the end of the lease, in case of damage or theft, an amount equivalent to the deposit will be charged to the Tenant.
If the amount of damage remained the tenant exceeds this amount, the difference will invoice addressed to Tenant, payable immediately.
If the Tenant responsibility for their own insurance to cover their liability for loss or damage to the vehicle, it expressly authorizes the supplier to negotiate and conclude directly with the insurance mutual agreement any compensation and agrees that any amount paid for such loss or damage is paid directly to the supplier.

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